About Omie Spirit, Intuitive Healer

Growing up I spent my summers in Venezuela where I was introduced to the spiritual world, I trained with Gurus, Yogis, and Masters on developing my body, mind and soul at the age of seven.

At 18, I did what most Light Workers/Earth Angels do, and turned away from all my gifts in pursuit of idols such as The American Dream, and Money.

Such pursuits filled me with sadness, sorrow, and pain. In 2012, I ran into an extremely gifted Psychic who turned me to Christianity and told me I was cursed. This was a lie said in order to con me out of money. Ironically this was the fuel that woke me back to my truth, My Gifts!!!

Remembering my gifts, I did what my Masters have taught me and meditated. During this time, I was visited by our beloved Jesus and was instructed to let go of all my attachments to idols including the church and allow him to teach me the true meaning of Love and our birthright, Freedom!

When I finally believed I was talking to Jesus I was guided to A Course in Miracles. To this day I continue to follow the daily lessons (Jesus’s real teachings) with:

Tina Louise Spalding (YouTube)

I now dedicate my life to helping others and bringing awareness to those who seek the truth!

You are not cursed, you are gifted!!!

"A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other."